My mission is to help struggling students find success in school.

I am a teacher.  Learning, explaining and helping are my super powers.  I would love to share my gifts and insights to help you.

There is an art and some science to creating the perfect lesson. What the text book provides is often very mediocre and written to hit the middle. People are very rarely that average. As a mentor teacher I can help you find out what is needed or missing for the child you are trying to bring to a place of success.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher supporting learning in a classroom or parent/ grandparent supporting a child at home. There are some things you need to know and do to support a change back to happiness and success in school.

With 28 years experience as a teacher and 24 as a mom I am sure I can empathize with your need and help you devise a plan of action.

Support from a master teacher is the same as a coach for a sport. You might need coached through lesson adaptation to meet a child’s needs. You might need support at home to get through homework without tears! It doesn’t matter if you are a mom, a teacher, or both. If you need a shoulder to lean on and a caring person to help you make the changes needed for success at school don’t worry any more, we can do this. I have got your back! There is nothing I haven’t heard or seen. But, if by chance there is . . I will find the answers. promise

High stakes testing, common core and general overwhelm are getting to us all. Don’t just keep doing what isn’t working. I know we can make your days better. If you want to lean in to change, take me up on a free email course. If you are ready to dive and swim for the deep in, head over to my paid courses and find your answer key, so to speak.

Parents and Teachers are both invested in what I care about most – supporting the student that struggles in school. I believe with all my heart that everyone needs to be happy and successful and school and it is the job of the adult to help them get there. If you need a path, a tip, a blueprint or a toolkit, I have got it, or I will make it!

Three weeks to a transformation for success in school

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Yes, this is the stop to get your FREE Accommodation/Modification Guide; a valuable tool for anyone supporting a student who struggles.

This is a valuable resource for any adult who supports any child with an IEP, 504 or struggles in school.  I would like you to have it for free because I am in this 4thekids.

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