Using Adobe Spark for Student Assessment

You know I am not shy, so here it goes . . . I don’t see the value in the five paragraph essay that I use to see.


Why you ask?  Because the traditional avenues to wealth have greatly shifted and as an educator my job is to prepare students for their future not jump through the hoops of my 20th. Century education.


Video, graphic and social media communication is where ideas, products and lifestyles are being showcased and sold.  Not in black and white papers or pamphlets of our past.


Programs such as Adobe Spark not only allow students to practice text, graphic and video production skills it allows them to show in an individual way how the concepts we have taught connect to them personally.


This individualization of product creation vs. multiple choice test also accommodates the needs of our at risk and learning disabled students.


Posted below is a simple web page project I will be demonstrating live in the Secondary Series FB page and will later be available on my Youtube channel.



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