I am a teacher who got her second wind!

Long long ago about 1.5 miles away from where I live now, I graduated high school. I think my parents knew I was going to be a teacher but we pretended I would get a degree in Home Economics and be a home economist for a great county somewhere and help 4-H kids and county fairs. But, Home Ec. was the only class I ever skipped. So boring and I was loving the Humanities classes I was taking. I changed my major and forever after that would be introduced by my computer science carpool friend as Kim, she is a History major but, she is really smart.

I graduated CSUS in 1989 and met my first class at Stagg High School in Stockton, CA that fall.
Soon I moved back to Tracy and have been there for the last 27 years. My journey has taken me into grades three, five and eight but also the past years as a K-12 RSP teacher. In addition to those three different teaching credentials, I earned my masters degree in Curriculum Design. I LOVE writing a lesson!

This year I made a move to the Charter School and am riding the wave of learning again. I see 9-12 grade kids in the morning and my Kinder to 8th grade kids on a rotating basis in the afternoon.

My wonderful daughters Mariah and Kaiya keep me energized to follow my dreams as I watch them doing the work and college thing, making their own lives. I am crossing my fingers they fly further down the road than I did. What is it Oprah says, “have a bigger dream?” That, I am having a bigger dream now that I did at 20, I hope they are too.

At home Kameron and Bella support me 100%. My BIG fur family (Remy, Gucci, Kit Kat, Thunder & Brownie) is another source of peace and joy. I clutter up the house with paints, and fabric and papers and well, anything a teacher with a scarcity phobia would collect.

My sister Jennifer and I are crows. We like collecting. We LOVE a sparkly thing and vacation in New Orleans whenever we can. My brother and I will watch tips and tricks about anything mechanical, and love a survival/wilderness reality show. One day we might up and move to South Dakota off the land just to say we did it. I relax by creating in lots of mediums but fabric takes up the most of my crafting, now blogging room. I have a small house, so when I finish quilt I have to give it away. I donate to two charities (my local Hospice and Mission Delores in San Francisco) I meet up with my crafty friends every Thursday. They too are a big cheering section for me and what ever crazy thing I am trying to do.

I am starting my new sharing and support business to help you help the kids. My friend and teacher buddy Cindy heard all my domain name ideas. She thinks what I am most about is doing what is best for kids. My runner up name was Teach with Glitter. If you want the story behind that you will have to ask or wait for a periscope. (2girlsteaching@2girlsteach) Kelli ( Kelli C on TPT) and I started that facebook and periscope. That too is a story you will have to ask about or wait to hear.

You will always hear the truth from me. Too old now to worry about what others think and experienced enough to admit I know things by making mistakes. The first truth I know and I offer you is . . .

All the best teachers have a huge teacher heart. Because of this I offer you my shoulder, my stories and hopefully an idea or two that makes you better so you can be there 4thekids.

My dog!

This is me!

Badlands in South Dakota